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Apple Thief Weekend

August 28th, 29th
September 4th, 5th, and 6th

Ready to ring in the Apple Harvest? We are too.  This year we are excited to introduce three tasty brew-cider bevies.  Yes, that's right it's a mix of one of our tasty hard ciders with a delicious house brewed beer. Try the Apple Thief, The Sweet Thief, and the Grape Thief all this weekend for $5 a pint.  Top it off with a hand rolled donut and some apple picking for a taste of what the harvest has to offer.  This is the last weekend you will not need a ticket to enter the grounds on Saturday and Sunday until November 1st. So don't wait!   These three thieves will not disappoint. 


The Apple Thief- The original house mix of Local Lager and our Traditional cider 

The Sweet Thief- The Apple Thief's sweet sister, a mix of Almond cherry  hard cider and Papi's Pilsner. Light, slightly sweet. 

The Grape Thief- A surprisingly dark yet delish blend of Concord hard cider and Imperial Stout.  If you like chocolate and coffee, this one is for you.