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Apple Thief Weekend

August 29th and 30th

Ready to ring in the Apple Harvest? We are too.  This year we are excited to introduce three tasty brew-cider bevies.  Yes, that's right it's a mix of one of our tasty hard ciders with a delicious house brewed beer. Try the Apple Thief, The Sweet Thief, and the Grape Thief all this weekend for $5 a pint.  Top it off with a hand rolled donut and some apple picking for a taste of what the harvest has to offer.  This is the last weekend you will not need a ticket to enter the grounds on Saturday and Sunday until November 1st. So don't wait!   These three thieves will not disappoint. 


The Apple Thief- The original house mix of Local Lager and our Traditional cider 

The Sweet Thief- The Apple Thief's sweet sister, a mix of Almond cherry  hard cider and Papi's Pilsner. Light, slightly sweet. 

The Grape Thief- A surprisingly dark yet delish blend of Concord hard cider and Imperial Stout.  If you like chocolate and coffee, this one is for you.