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Don't miss out on the chance to savor three irresistible brew-cider concoctions at the upcoming Apple Harvest celebration! For just $5 per pint, you can indulge in the Apple Thief, The Sweet Thief, and the Grape Thief. These delectable drinks blend our mouth-watering hard ciders with house-brewed beer, creating an unparalleled taste. Join us this weekend and get your hands on these irresistible beverages!

Will your children be joining you? You'll be pleased to know that from 11am to 3pm, all attractions are completely free of charge! This means that your little ones can enjoy a range of Fall activities, including hayrides, playgrounds, petting zoo, trykes, corn maze, and much more, without any cost to you.

End your day on a high note with a delectable, freshly handcrafted donut and indulge in some apple picking to relish the flavor of the season's bounty. This weekend marks the final opportunity to enter the premises on Saturday and Sunday without a ticket until November 1st. Seize this excellent chance and head over now, don't let it slip away! 

Becker Mountain Closed: Opening Labor Day Weekend!

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