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Candle Workshop
w/ Rebecca Reish, Owner of The Drunkin Candle

Candle Workshop 1.png
Get lit with The Drunkin Candle Shop!

Get Lit with the owner of The Drunkin Candle Shop, Rebecca Reisch at Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards & Becker Brewing Co. where you get the choice of a glass of wine or a beer while learning the ins and outs of candle making! Create 1 scented candles and 2 air freshies and play wine bingo for prizes while the candle cools!!!

Candle vessels are made inside recycled liquor, beer and wine bottles that have been previously cut & sanded by the owner. 

-All natural, plant based coconut & soy wax blend

-100% cotton wicks

-Each candle comes with a reusable burlap bag

-3 different fragrances to choose from

-Candles take about 1.5 hr to cool

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