Welcome to the 14th Annual

Concord Grape Stomp Contest

Vizcarra Vineyards at Becker Farms


$25 per person or $150 per team 


How this works:


The Concord Stomp is a relay race. There are three teammates working at once. One person stomping, one person holding a jug for juice, and one person keeping your barrels screen clear. The remaining three, teammates will wait until their turn to stomp once they are announced at the side of the stage. At the sound of the whistle, you will begin stomping for 1 minute until the second sound of the whistle. Once the whistle has blown for that person to stop the next teammate will get into the barrel and the rest of your teammates will rotate positions. After all of your teammates have stomped you will be allowed 30 seconds to tip the barrels allowing extra juice to flow into your jug.


Each Team will get one grape crate. Each crate has been weighed so that each team starts with the same volume of grapes. Use your discretion as to how you want to put your grapes in the barrel. (ie: All at once, or a little at a time.) Please DO NOT tap or hit the pipes of the barrel- we don't want them to break. 

Once each team member has stomped take your jug to the registration tent for weigh-in. Jugs will be weighed on a digital scale. After your team has stomped please assist in removing the waste in the barrel at the rear of the stage, so we can best prepare for the next heat.

There will be 4-5 heats of 5 teams each. 

The three teams with the most juice stomped by volume in the first round will move to the finals. Once all of the teams have gone there will be a Stomp Off to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Final Round​

Teams competing in the stomp off will be selected by the amount of juice stomped in Round One.

Each Team in the stomp off will start with a fresh basket of grapes. Whoever stomps the most juice in the final round will determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize.

Rule Breakers

Teams that tip the barrels outside of their allotted time will be disqualified

Teams that tap or hit the barrels will be disqualified


1st place winners will receive one case of wine to share and Haunted Hayride


2nd place winners will receive 1/2 case to share

3rd place winners will receive Haunted Hayride tickets

Thank you for Participating in our Annual Grape Stomp Contest! May the best team win!