Here is why we think our farm fundraising program can help make you grow. 


Becker Farms is helping groups reach their financial goals through fundraising!

Our program works well for both small and large organizations. Our smaller groups can schedule a sale at certain times of the year to avoid a delivery fee and still earn a healthy profit. We have the capability of meeting the demands of our larger organizations, too. Selling larger quantities leads to larger quantity discounts. The more items that your organization sells, the greater its profits.

Fundraising does play a major role in allowing organizations to operate. Our fundraiser is guaranteed to be both profitable and easy to manage. While many groups peddle boring and often unwanted products, we offer a traditional product that is simple to sell. Our pies and rolls are homemade fresh, individually boxed and delivered to your location. They arrive ready to eat. They don’t come unbaked or frozen.

In this current economic climate, research shows that more families are eating out less often and choosing to eat at home more often. With today’s busy schedules, families want convenience yet are also hungry for more traditional family meals. Our products are a perfect fit. Our pies are a tasty, time-honored dessert. 

If you are looking for a fresh idea for raising money for your organization by selling our fresh fruit pies, jam, and fudge please give us a call. Becker Farms is a name you can trust. We have been in the business of baking for almost 40years years.  Let us do your baking, while you grow your organization. Download our latest brochure to get started.