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Pie and Fudge Fundraisers!

Becker Farms is helping groups reach their financial goals through fundraising!

Looking for an EASY and YUMMY way to raise funds for your organization? Raising funds has never been easier with 4 easy steps.

1. Choose a delivery date.

2. Distribute order forms.

3. Submit your order.

4. Recieve your pie and fudge just in time for the holidays! The best part is that people LOVE our pies and they can bring them to their holiday as a hostess gift for the best dessert on the table!   Our program works well for both small and large organizations. Smaller groups can schedule a sale at certain times of the year to avoid a delivery fee and still earn a healthy profit. We have the capability of meeting the demands of our larger organizations, too. Selling larger quantities leads to larger quantity discounts. The more items that your organization sells, the greater its profits. To learn more about our fundraiser program click here
 Our pies and rolls are homemade fresh, individually boxed and delivered to your location. 


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