1. Kans and discs will be provided by Becker Farms staff



General Game Rules


1. Teams will be scheduled for an hour and a half time slot each week and will play 2 games during that time slot.


2. The league championship will be determined during the final week of the league in a single elimination style tournament.


3. Kan Jam is a dual sport with teammates standing at opposite kans. The kans are positioned 30 to 50 feet apart, depending on ability, with slots facing each other.


4. “Away” team will throw first. “Home” team will receive last toss.


5. Players must release the disc with their entire body behind their respective kan. Discs must be deflected with a striking action, similar to volleyball, except that any body part may strike the disc. If the deflector at any time grabs, catches, or “carries” the disc, the play is dead and 0 points are awarded.


6. Players will be responsible for replacing any flying discs or goals that are broken intentionally as the result of any non KanJam play, fooling around, or temper flares.





1. Discs that hit the kan after being deflected by the partner are worth one point


2. Discs that hit the kan on the fly are worth two points


3. Discs that go into the kan after being deflected by the partner are worth three points


4. Discs that go straight into the kan whether through the slot or the top without being deflected by the partner are an instant win


5. On both an instant win and a 3-point-jam the disc has to remain in the kan to receive full points 6. On an instant win if the disc goes through the top or slot, hits the inside of the kan and falls out, it is only worth two points


7. On a 3-point jam if the disc goes into the kan hits the ground and bounces out without ever touching the kan, as rare as this play may be, it is worth 0 points. On the same play, if it hits the inside of the kan and bounces out, it is worth 1 point


8. A team must reach 21 points exactly to have a chance at a possible win

a. If a team goes over you subtract the total from the previous score

b. Example: a team has 20 points and unfortunately gets a 3-point-jam their score would then go to 17


9. When a team successfully reaches 21 points their opponents have a chance for “rebuttal” (the opponents get a chance to tie starting from that same side that the 21 occurred)

a. The first player to throw may or may not hit the kan without penalty but after this every throw must gain points (including going over 21) for play to continue or the game is over


10. If both teams successfully reach 21 points then a playoff takes place (each team member gets one throw, consecutively, starting from the same side that the tie occurred)

a. The team that reached 21 points first decides what team will throw first

b. The team that scores the most points from the playoff round wins the game

c. In the event of a tie, the playoff rounds continue in the same order until one team scores more points


11. Any disputes will be ruled on by a Becker Brewing staff member.



Keeping Score


Each team will be presented with a clipboard before the beginning of each week’s matches. This clipboard will contain a score sheet which must be kept accurately. Not only will you be in charge of keeping your win/loss record, but as a side item, you will be asked to track other categories as well: perfect games, Instant Wins, and number of overtime rounds. The score sheets will have these extra categories on them, so please make sure to mark everything accurately.  All teams will turn in their sheet at the end of the night to determine that week’s winners. Perfect games will include games that extend into overtime.



At the conclusion of each night’s play, all score sheets will be collected. Teams will be ranked in order by the number of wins they accumulated during league matches. Final standings will be awarded on a point system. All teams will receive points for their placement for the week, depending on the number of teams that play that week. For example, let’s say there are 8 teams playing on a given night. First place will receive 8 points, second place will get 7 points, and so on. In addition, each team will also receive 1 point for every win. For example, let's say you came in 3rd place on a night of 8 teams playing and managed 12 wins. Your team would receive a total of 18 points for the night (6 points for placement and 12 points for wins).  If there is a tie for wins at the end of a league night, head-to-head record for the week is the first tie-breaker. If head-to-head cannot be determined (for example, a head-to-head with more than two teams tied with the same record), a tie-breaker “shootout” format is set up as follows: (only if time permits, otherwise both teams will be awarded the points.)

  • Each team assumes their own court on the field of play.

  • All teams in the tie-breaker are given three rounds to accumulate as many points as possible.

  • If an Instant Win is thrown in a shootout, then it counts as 10 points.

  • The team with the most points after three rounds wins.


Note: In the event of a tie which remains unbroken after three rounds of play, one additional round of throwing will take place. This one round will repeat if necessary and only long enough to break the tie.


Winter 2021 Hours


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