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What Should You Expect?

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our staff members before you disembark the bus with your class. Our staff members will assist you in directing your class to their next destination. Your class will head over to one of the barns that is original to our farm. It’s over a 100 years old! The students will sit on the hay bales where they will listen to Mrs. Mindy Vizcarra, owner of Becker Farms, describe the rich history of the farm and of the surrounding area.


Mrs. Vizcarra will also give your students insight into how a farm functions with the harvesting of fruits and vegetables, along with care for the animals. Your students will get the chance to ask questions about the farm and what they will be picking. Once the question and answer session is over, the students will board the hay wagon to go on their next adventure of picking the fruit or vegetable that is in season at the time.


They will ride back on the hay wagon to our farm animals. A staff member will assist in the feeding of the animals and remind the students how animals should be fed.  After the animals are fed, the students will have a chance to play on the playground before their own lunch under the pavilion.

Each tour is geared to the appropriate age level.

This tour can be aligned with the New York State Standards in Science, Math, Social Studies and even Language Arts!

call 716.772.2211 between the hours of 9am & 6pm monday - friday to book your tour.  

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