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Questions about our Venues

Below you will find frequently asked questions about our two venues

Can we hang decorations? The ceiling looks like it may be vaulted.

-You can come and hang any decorations you would like the morning of, provided there is not an event scheduled before your event. If this is the case, your venue will be available to you at 2 pm, Also, anything that is adhered to the structure must come down by the end of the evening. If you would like our staff to do this for you there is an additional cost of $35 per hour and a 2 week notice.

Are there any rules about decorations?

We will set anything up that can be placed out. If we have to spend extra time on it (remove stickers, tie bows or get on a ladder) you will be charged for each extra employee and hour it takes us to set up.

How much setup time is allotted between the ceremony and the reception?

If there is an event prior to yours, we start setting up as late as 2pm. If you are the only event in that venue for the day, we may start as early as 10am. Staff will be scheduled appropriately to make sure everything will be done in time for your event.

Can we decorate the night before the wedding, after the rehearsal?

We do not recommend this due to it being an outdoor venue. Factors that also hinder this is an event that evening, or the morning of your event.

Do we have to have everything picked up that night?

Yes. We suggest you take anything meaningful home with you the night of your event. Becker Farms is not responsible for anything left behind.

Do you clean or do we?

Becker Farms’ staff will assist in packing up the decorations for you to take home. We are also responsible for the cleaning of the venue.

Do you charge for cleaning up?

All of our fees will be on your document, that you saw once signing your contract. Clean up fees are included in reception and ceremony costs. Any damage however will be deducted from your security deposit or billed to the card on file.

Will we be able to hang decorations on a couple of trees?

Yes you can hang things from the trees, as long as you do not damage them. All items need to be approved by Becker Farms. These items need to be removed by the end of the event. These items need to be scheduled to be put up. You must bring your own ladder and supplies.

What are the parking facilities? Are the attendants and do we tip them?

We have parking on the property with security guards and parking attendants directing guests on where to go. It is not necessary to tip them; however if you feel their performance deserves one, you are more than welcome.

Is your site handicapped accessible?

We do allow handicapped guests to park in the front closest to our venues and we are wheelchair accessible.

Where does the escort card table go?

The escort table can go wherever you would like. That is something we will discuss at your final walk through.

Where can we take photos? Where do you recommend we take photos?

You can take photos anywhere on our property. The vineyards and barn are our most popular locations. If there is another wedding party on the grounds we ask that you be respectful of their rented venue and do not go into private staff only areas.

What if it rains during the ceremony?

There are a couple of options; you can get married in the rain, we can try waiting it out for 10 minutes and lastly we would move it to the dance floor and guests will take their seats as they would for the reception portion of your event.

Is there a spot we can place a digital camera and printer?

Yes, we can accommodate this! Be sure to bring in extension cords and anything else necessary to make these items work properly.

Is the head table round or rectangular?

We usually do a rectangular head table, but we can do either or. Whichever you prefer! You can also do a sweetheart table which is just the newlywed couple.

How is each table set?

Centerpieces are provided by the client. Our tables are industry standard 72” rounds. Becker Farms staff will set the provided linens and dinnerware on them.

Do we need any special permits?


Do we have to use onsite vendors?

Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards provide onsite catering for your food and beverage packages. We currently have a list of recommended vendors you can also use as a guide. We also provide officiating and pastry services as well.

Is any part of the fee tax deductible?


When does over time kick in and how much do you charge?

You get 6 hours total from the ceremony start to end of reception. When that 6 hours are up, the extension would start after being discussed, which is $250 per hour. You have 5 hours from the start of your cocktail hour if you choose not to have a ceremony with us, and the same extension fee applies.

Do you offer military discounts?

We offer 3 chefs choice passed appetizers during cocktail hour for a client in the military.

What are the hidden labor costs? Security guards, union electricians, etc.

There are no hidden costs.

What is the payment schedule?

The payment schedule is 25% of your estimate is due 6 months prior, and 25% of your estimate is due 3 months prior. The rest of the final bill will be due 10-14 days prior, depending on payment type.

What is included in the venue price?

The facility rental price includes 5 hours of the venue, decorating staff, tables, chairs, white on white linens, glassware, silverware, china, and wait staff.

Are your prices all inclusive?

You will see in our wedding packet what you are paying for.

Does the site have liablility insurance?


Does the site have AC? Does it work well?

Certain buildings on ground do have AC.

Does the site have heating in case of rain?

Each venue has propane heaters that can be rented for the event at a cost of $50.00/heater.

How do you handle bugs? If you don’t provide for this are we allowed to use tiki torches filled with citronella?

We use certified pest control to keep bugs to a minimum.

Do you allow floating paper lanterns

Under no circumstances do we allow floating paper lanterns.

Can we schedule the rehearsal for the day before?

Your ceremony fee does include a rehearsal. Rehearsals are scheduled 1 month prior and are dependent on the events going on at Becker Farms at the time.

For the pony rides do you have a “Ride at your own risk policy?” In case one of the kids falls off and breaks an arm.

Yes, this is also covered by our liability insurance.

Do you provide the riding equipment?


Is the riding equipment covered in the cost of the rides?


How involved is the caterer in the typical reception- do they work like wedding coordinator or banquet manager, telling us when to cut the cake, adjusting the schedule if guest aren’t ready to sit down to dinner?

They make sure the food is warm when its being served that the plates look clean and well presented. They take care of all the behind the scenes in the kitchen making sure dinner service runs smoothly. The coordinator will help with cake cutting and anything dinner wise is the banquet captains job. You will work with both of these people during your event.

Do they set the tables and put out place cards and favors?

The coordinator and banquet captain do that.

Will they provide waitstaff?


How many would they recommend for the size of the wedding?

We base all of our staffing on the size of the events going on they all vary.

What does the staff wear?

White long sleeve button down collar shirts, with black pants.

Do they need to be tipped or is the tip included into the final bill?

You may tip at your discretion, it is not necessary as gratuity is already figured into your bill.

Do you have a small area where we can arrange for small children to be babysat? Can we bring toys for this area?

You can go anywhere on the property that is allowed you can bring children and toys if you would like. Becker Farms does not provide a private room or a babysitter.

Instead of roasting s'mores after the wedding can we do it during the wedding? I would like to roast s'mores instead of serving a traditional wedding cake.

A fire can not be lit inside the venue. A station can be set up outside of the pavilion and needs to be provided by Becker Farms.

Can we have our ceremony at one venue and reception at the other?

No we do not typically allow this as we do have 2 weddings on the same day. If an event should cancel or there is not another event going on in the other area then we may be able to accommodate this.

Is anything between the venues shared?

No nothing between the venues is shared. They all have their separate coordinators, banquet staff kitchen staff, bonfire sites, etc…

Do you have enough parking?

Yes parking is not an issue. We have two parking lots as well as special areas for busses and bigger vehicles.

What is a final walk through?

The final walk through is when you bring your decor for your wedding. We will go over how you want everything set up and where you would like it set up.

Can we throw confetti or anything after the ceremony?

Confetti is not permitted. There are restrictions on what is and isn’t. Pastel flower petals and bubbles are allowed for the ceremony.

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