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Fall Saturday & Sunday Live Music Line up

Admission Required for Afternoon Music (12p-4p)

Free admission after 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday



17th: Tim Stoll Breakout Band 12p-4p

17: Acoustic Jelly 5p-9p

18th: Tim Stoll Breakout Band 12p-4p

24th: Olmstead Dub System 12p-4p

McHenry & Baz 5p-9p

25th: Keefer Folmar 12p-4p


1st: Wheel Smith 12p-4p

John Krieg 5p-9p

2nd: Wheel Smith 12p-4p

8th: 4pc Pocket Change 12p-4p

The Release 5p-9p

9th: 4pc Pocket Change 12p-4p

15th: Osborn & Nash 12p-4p

Worthy Duncan 5p-9p

16th: Osborn & Nash 12p-4p

22nd: Creek Bend 12p-4p

A Blues Band 5p-9p

23rd: Creek Bend 12p-4p

29th: Pat Harrington 12p-4p

Stone Circle Rube Wilson 5p-9p

30th: Generous Pour 12p-4p