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Becker Farms FAQ

Hours of Operation

Brewpub 7 Days Sunday - Wednesday 11-6 Thursday - Saturday 11-9 (Kitchen Close 8pm) Farm Market (Mother's Day Weekend - August 31st) Wednesday- Sunday 11-6 Farm Market (Labor Day-November 1st) Daily 10-6 Hiking Trails Daily 9-7

Phone Numbers and Extensions

772-2211 Ext 104 Private Events 772-2211 Ext 106 Accounting/ Billing/Accounts Receivable 772-2211 Ext 104 Press Vineyard Retreat 772-2211 Ext 106 School Tours, Kids Birthday Parties 772-2211 Ext 107 Wine, Beer Tasting Off site tasting events 716-280-1500 Becker Farms CSA

Lost and Found

Located in the Farm Market

U-pick Apple FAQ

How much does it cost to pick apples?

During the week access to the apple orchard is $6 for adults and $5 for children. This includes a 4qt bag of apples to take home. $17 - 1/2 bushel bag $25 - Bushel Bag All bag purchases include access to the orchard. You can not enter the Orchard without a minimum $6 purchase.

Why does every person need to pay to go to the orchard if not every person is going to pick?

The environmental foot print of u-pick apples is costlty to farmers. While most guests respect mother nature, there are always some that will be found wasting and throwing apples, and climbing and damaging our trees. Additional costs associated with u-pick apples include, mowing the orchards, signage, and staffing. These costs do not include the actual year round care of the trees to ensure a successful crop. Charging people the modest price of $6 per person ensures that we can continue to grow the apples you love year after year and stil be a sustainable family business for generations to come. If you are not interested in having the u-pick experience in the orchard, alread picked apples are available in the farm market and apple barn. Already picked apples: $6 4qt $17 1/2 Bushel $25 Bushel

Do kids have to pay to get into the orchard?

Yes 23 months and under are free Children 24 months -12 years of age cost $5 Adults cost $6

What apples are in season?

Following are a list of approximate pick dates for apple varieties. These dates are approximations and vary depending on weather. No specific variety is guaranteed on any specific day, this is the unpredictable nature of farming. For up to the minute picking updates please refer to our facebook page! August - 25th and 26th - Ginger Gold, Paula Red September 1st - 3rd (Labor Day)- Ginger Gold, Gala & JonaMac September 8th & 9th - Ginger Gold, Gala & JonaMac September 15th & 16th - Gala, Cortland, and Jonamac September 22nd & 23rd - McIntosh, Cortland, and Macoun September 29th & 30th October 1st - Empire, Cortland, Red Delicious, & Golden Delicious October 6th-8th (Columbus Day) Empire, Cortland, Red Delicious, & Golden Delicious October 13th & 14th - Empire, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Crispin and Ida Red October 20th & 21st - Empire, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Crispin and Ida Red October 27th & 28th - Crispin & Ida Red

Can you pick apples during the week?

Yes! U-pick is available daily until all of the apples are off of the trees. When you arrive head to the apple barn or farm market to purchase your apple bags and directions to the orchards we are picking in for the day.

When do wagons to the orchard run?

To maintain social distancing there will be no wagon rides to the orchards this year. Guests are asked to walk. We reccomend where comforatable shoes, and are even encouraging the use of wagons, jogging stroller, and walking sticks to make it easier to transport your apples when you are done. A 4qt bag wieghs about 5 pounds.

Where are the wagons to the orchard located?

They are located at the Apple Barn from 10 am to 4 pm and the Farm Market from 4pm to 5pm.

We can walk to the orchard during the week, why can’t we walk on the weekend?

To ensure the safety of our guests, walking to the apple orchard during the weekend is prohibited. This is because many of our lanes will have wagons driving back and forth from the orchard throughout the day making the walk more dangerous.

Was this like this last year?!

No, Because of COVID-19 we are taking all precaustionary measures to keep people social distancing and safe, while still giving our community the opportunity to enjoy the farm and countryside.

What do I do with all these apples?!

Apples can last in the refrigerator from 3 weeks to up to 6 months depending on the variety. Apple sauce made in the crockpot is also a very good and easy way to process your apples and freezes very well. You can also make apple pies and apple butter. You can also give them away to a food pantry or even just your neighbors. The real question is, “What CAN’T I do with all these apples?!”

Bakery FAQ

Do you serve breakfast?

Our bakery serves a variety of farm fresh seasonal baked goods. We don’t offer a sit down breakfast option but do offer sweet and savory baked goods to guests.

How can I order a cake for my wedding here?

We recommend you set up a tasting with our Head Pastry Chef Jordan Dixan. You can reach her via email at Once you schedule a tasting she’ll review all the details and options to meet all your pastry needs!

What kind of pies do you offer?

apple, apple crumb, blueberry, cherry, elderberry, mince, mixed berry, peach, pecan, pumpkin, rhubarb, and strawberry rhubarb. Seasonally we offer: strawberry, strawberry glaze, and grape. If you’d like to order a special pie such as a cream pie just call ahead so we can best accommodate your needs.

Where can I buy a pie?

We sell baked and frozen pies in the Farm Market. Beginning Labor Day weekend we sell pies at the Garden Market located in the middle of of the main campus (by the front parking lot) as well. We strongly encourage placing an order in advance online. All available varieties can be found in our online store baked or frozen. Choose Farm pick up at check out. Note: 24hrs advance orders only. Orders within 24hrs may not be accomodated.

Do you offer gluten free baked goods?

Currently we do not. If you’d like something sweet and gluten free try our delicious homemade fudge! We have many assorted flavors.

The Pumpkin Fiesta FAQ

Is the Pumpkin Fiesta and Becker Mountain Open for Fall 2020?

Our priority is to keep everyone safe. In order to do our part in the prevention in the spread of COVID-19 we decided to scale back our fall festivites. There will be no hayrides on weekends to the orchards or through the woods. Those apple picking will now walk the lanes to the orchard. Past activities that encouraged gathering without limited capacities have been cancelled. Activities that encourage outdoor fun remains, including the bounce pillow, play grounds,Farm Animal Exhibit, live music, chicken BBQ and more. In addition, tickets are now required on the weekends to control capacity and keep guests social distancing. Tickets must be purchased in advance to enter the grounds. Even if you are a season ticket holder.

What activites are available for kids on the weekend if there is no "Pumpkin Fiesta"

To control capacity on weekends. Advance tickets are now required for everyone on the grounds. Included in every ticket is the following: Free Parking U-Pick Apples- 4qts to take home per person! Live Music Access to the Garden Market, Beer Garden, Brew Pub, and Apple Barn Playground Farm Animal Exhibit Hiking Trails Barn Yard Twister Pedal Carts and Tricycle Track Corn Maze Rope Maze Becker Mountain Sling Shots Big Hay Bales Jumping Pillow Jungle Gym Access to Beautifully landscaped grounds and 375 private acres countryside

What is the cost to visit?

Tickets to enter the grounds are not required during the week. It's free enjoy the farm. On the weekends, starting September 5th tickets are required and range from $11-$20 based on the date and age. For pricing and availability go to the click here. Note: Tickets are non refundable. This is a rain or shine event.

Can I just do a single activity?

Because of COVID-19 and capacity restrictions, tickets are all inclusive of apple picking and access to the grounds and activities. A la carte pricing on the weekends, is no longer available. During the week access to the grounds is free. We encourage guests that enjoy a quieter, more tranquel, experience to come during week.

Can you purchase tickets online in advance?

Yes. We strongly suggest you purchase tickets in advance of your arrival. Tickets are sold up until capacity is reached for a specific day. This means you could be turned away at the doors. So don't wait!


What is a CSA ?

A Community Supported Agriculture program is a program in which "members" commit to buying a box or share of produce each week or every other week from June 15 through the 1st of November. Produce is delivered to a central location for pick up!

How much does it cost?

Click here to see pricing options based on share size!

How do I find out more information?

Please email or call 716-280-1500 during business hours.

Does the share include fruit and vegetables?

Yes, we are mixed fruit and vegetables program

Do I get to pick the produce?

No, we pick the produce

How do I sign up?

Sign up by clicking HERE!

Brewery and Winery FAQ

Where do I go to taste wine and beer?

During the week wine, beer, and cider tasting can be done inside Becker Brewing Co. On the weekend, purchases of our craft beverages can be found in our Beer Garden, Apple Barn, and Tasting Room.

Where is the Beer Garden?

It is located behind Becker Brewing Co

Can I refill a growler if it's from another company?

We are not refilling growlers at this time due to Covid-19

Where can I fill my growler?

Because of Covid-19, grolwer refills are not available at this time.

How much do tastings cost?

$5 for 4 tastes - includes wine, beer, and hard cider

Do I need tickets to taste and do I need my ID checked?

Yes, IDs are checked at every alcohol serving station. No tickets necessary, each tasting menu will be stamped to keep track of tastes.

What are the hours of the Brewpub

Brewpub 7 Days Sunday - Wednesday 11-6 Thursday - Saturday 11-9 (Kitchen Close 8pm) Farm Market (Mother's Day Weekend - August 31st) Wednesday- Sunday 11-6 Farm Market (Labor Day-November 1st) Daily 10-6 Hiking Trails Daily 9-7