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Be Ready For Fun!

All of us at Becker Farms are committed to creating an experience that puts the well-being of our guests, our team, and our animals first. Designed for your safety, and comfort here are things you need to know before your visit Becker Farms:

1. Dress for the weather! Has it been raining? Wear boots! 

2. We encourage the use of wagons, jogging strollers, folding chairs or blankets! This way you come prepared for the day and post up anywhere on the grounds you feel most comfortable. Don't want to be around people? Find a shady spot under a tree take a nap or read a book! 

3. Pack a water bottle. We have lots of beverages available for purchase but for your own comfort and convenience it's always a good idea!

4. We are not a public park. We highly recommend visiting the brewpub or farm market for snacks and meals! We understand if you have littles, but please be mindful that we are a small family business. 

5. November - August there is no admission to enter the grounds. On weekends in September and October tickets are required. 

6. Interested in partaking in a scheduled family tour? Click here.

7. Be ready to have fun, take it slow, and take in the country air!

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